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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  March 28, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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between the wallace, henry wallace at wings and the truman wings of the democratic party and about america in the cold war, about domestic communism, about foreign policy abroad and it's also the year where the civil rights movement really gets a big boost. truman is fighting against wallace. he's got to get the black vote, and you've got the south recoiling from that with third party and breaking away from the democratic party is there's an awful lot happening that year. >> is coolidge your fan at the eckert favorite president or politician to write about? >> to write about, certainly to write about coolidge also i'm a big fan of ronald reagan and kind of grew up loving and from 1964 and on and was there all the way at his inauguration, his funeral, when he launched his campaign ad of liberty island in new jersey, and by god i love that man. >> is there a ronald reagan book
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on the horizon? >> so many people have done it, so many with greater qualifications. the field is pretty crowded, but i wouldn't mind doing it. i wouldn't mind at all. it would be very enjoyable because a lot of the way i've written about, a lot of scoundrels, and i would like to write about a man i admire a great deal. >> what are you reading these days? >> will actually, what i tend to read or not books about history but books about like the 1920's and 1930's, show business and entertainment because after a while you just -- a lot of the research and is you are reading parts of books, newspaper articles, reading microfilm, so for fun you kind of turn it off and go back to reading a biography of moss hart or dw griffith or the silent films and i find that fascinating. i don't know if there is a book fair, but maybe. you never know. you never know.
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>> thank you for your time. i appreciate it. .. as a result, i can do a lot of speaking engagements at colleges and universities, a pop culture as we all know how to be short shelflife and especially after
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the turn-of-the-century and certainly by the middle of the past decade, people were starting to ask me what i thought about busey or xena, not to mention the bachelor. alda makeover shows and more recent shows the desperate housewives or madmen. and i suppose going to write a sequel. also, my daughter was moving through her teenage years and i saw the increasingly retrograde images on offer for her come images that wrinkly bores you approve implants to her or to her smart savvy accomplished friends. i was also noting at the same time about me being the baby boom mother and having been a teenage daughter of the media through magazines, tv shows and advertising divided us. baby-boom feminist mothers against our girl power
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daughters, especially around the issues of obsessive consumerism and display. you know the girls gone wild phenomenon. so i wanted to explore the roots of this also. the book regions in the early 1990's and what was very interesting for me was to be reminded that this was a time of incredible feminist ferment. women's theory at the way and need a hill was treated during the clarence thomas confirmation hearings, making 1992 the quote, unquote year of the woman when more women ran for congress the never before, when susan poli bespoke backlash was a bookseller, when the right girl movement had taken hold tokamak to male domination and the punk rock movement, when they were take back the night rallies at college and university campuses all over the country. so i started at this moment, was
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reminded how much kind of feminist energy there was in the air and as i moved further along and got closer and closer to the present, i was struck by how over time, how effectively feminist than, a social movement that has done so much for women and for men for that matter has been vilified in the media that many young women regard it as the ideological equivalent of anthrax. so i wanted to trace how did that happen. i also teach and work with young women in a scene that we once again have white betty for dan famously called a problem with no name, meaning millions of young women, the girl power generation have been told they can do or be anything, yet they also note their most important task is to be slen, hot and nonthreatening to men, that
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there is a walk of shame on college campuses for girls, but not for boys. and once they get out in the workforce, they learned there is still pay discrimination, and flexible work basis, women more than men slotted into low-paid dead-end job in the glass ceiling in so many lines of work. they also get the message loud and clear that the absolute last thing they should embrace it feminism. they have been intimidated actually to shun feminism when i think in their hearts they know we still need it here at info, we have a need and a desire that is being censored. so what i wanted to do was ten-point what it is that remains unspoken, but that is still bothering so many of us into given name to what's coursing through our popular culture. this message, that you can do or
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be anything you want, as long as you conform to very confining ideals around femininity and you don't want too much. so i was gratified when in its recent review of "newsweek" said and i quote, enlightened sexism is a perfect description for feeling young women have long struggled to name. it is sure to dominate the vernacular for years to come, end quote. well, here's hoping. last night so what is in my tent sexism? a few new subtle form of sexism that seems to accept and even celebrate e-mail achievements on the surface, but it's really about repudiating feminism and keeping women and especially young women in their places. enlighten fixes and interface that because women have allegedly achieved full equality with men in the battle is over and supposedly one, it now okay, even funny to resurrect
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retrograde sexist images of women and especially young women. at work and most of this media affair is the message that feminist politics is no longer necessary, it's passé, it so 1970's and it also even dangerous to women when in fact a host of issues from pay and equity, poverty and violence still offends millions of women. so i wanted to take on this media myth that the work of the women's movement is complete and i wanted to take on this new, sometimes very subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle at all, sexism in the media. and especially wanted to make fun of it because i do think that humor, especially for women, is a very powerful weapon. so that's a brief background for the book and i'm just going to read a brief excerpt from the very introduction of the book so you get a feel for it.
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spring 1997. it is 8:12 a.m. saturday. the feminist mom who looks like she just got shot out of a wind turbine is a cheap shirt hangover is making pancakes for four or 8-year-old girls who have had a sleepover party. let's just say that she's not in the most festive mood. then blasting from the other room, she hears what has become the faux rap anthem of that spring. i'll tell you what i want, what i really really want it i'll tell you what i want, what i really really bored. she peeks around the corner to see the four girls singing and dancing with abandon in girl power with every breath. at that instant, they saw the post on this site guys that would envelop her daughters generation and she wondered, should she be happy that they're listening to busty a feminism and that of watching barbie commercials on saturday morning tv, or should she run in, rip
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the cd out of the player and insist they listen to mary chapin carpenter art on the difranco instead. this was the spice girls moment in debate where these girly frosted cupcakes really a vehicle to feminism and how much reversion back to the glory days of pre-feminism should girls and women accept, even celebrate, given now that we now allegedly have it all. despite their wonderbra, bare thighs, pouty lips and top ponytails, of the sort favored by puddles on the stones, the spice girls nonetheless advocated girl power. they demanded in their colossal intercontinental hate, want to be, that voice to them with respect or take a hike. there boldfaced liner notes claimed that the future is female and suggested that they and their fans were freedom fighters. they made margaret thatcher and honorary spice girls.
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we're freshening of feminism for the 90's they told the guardian. feminism has he come a dirty word. girl power system 90's way of saying it. they proclaimed a new which feminism meant to have a brain, a voice and an opinion and hot pants. all right. fast-forward to 2008. talk about girl power. millions of women and men voted for one woman who ran for president and another who ran for vice president. the one who ran for vice resident had five children, one of them before month old infant, yet it was verboten to even ask whether she could even handle the job while also turning to a baby. other issues, like whether she ever read a newspaper, or related the plot of all stock from her window did seem a team more pressing. at the same time with a female secretary of state and the woman who had run for president became her very high-profile successor.
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there were female ceos, a woman angry in the cbs evening news and female attorneys, surgeons, police chiefs, and judges all of her dramatic tv. tv shows like, survivor, see notes contestants battled fire ants and iguanas the size of golf art. we were talented generous cannot admit to 97 and supposedly scandalizing a nation and then having the sitcoms canceled. by 2008 she and rachel matthau, two out each host of their own talk shows and it was no big deal at all. and to generous his wedding to her girlfriend was splashed all over the cover of people just like that of any straight celebrity. feminism, who needs feminism anymore? are we like so done here? okay, so someone involved about the sexist coverage of frequenting, but picky, picky, picky. so wait a minute, the top five
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jobs for women are not attorney, surgeon or ceo. they are in order, secretaries and first place followed by registered nurses, elementary and middle-school teachers, cashiers and retail sales persons, further down the line, dates, childcare workers and office clerks and hairdressers. not a ceo or a hedge fund manager in sight. and in the end, not a president or the vice president either. but what about all those career giving workers going to college and supposedly leaving the guys in the dust? a year out of college, young women are in 80% of what men make in ten years out, 69%. and if girls and women really have come so far in full equality has been truly achieved, why is it that kmart sells outfits for 4-year-old girls that look like something out of frederick's of hollywood? why did the ladies professional
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golf association, of all groups, in 2002, feel compelled to collect hair stylists and makeup artists to enhance the player's appeal. and why is it that pundits feel free to comment on hillary clinton's cleavage, but not john mccain's well, nevermind. how do we square the persistence of female and equality with all of those images of female power we have seen in the media, the hands on her hips don't even think about messing with me dr. bailey on gray's anatomy or s. a merkerson as a take no prisoners lieutenants, and need to van buren, in order, egypt's goalie on the x-files, randa johnson is the chief on the closer or even the first in a president in 24 and the short-lived series commander-in-chief. advertisements tell women that they have achieved so much they should celebrate by buying themselves their own diamond
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ring for the right hand and urge their poor flaccid husbands, crippled by an epidemic of emasculation and dysfunction to start mainlining or. indeed, and filmed from dumb and dumber to super bad, guys are hopeless losers. and and the city with its characters were successful special five-day and kama sutra masters by night, there was no such thing as a double standard. women have as much freedom and maybe even more sex than the men. cosma wasn't for passive girls waiting for the right guy to find them. it's the magazine or the fun, fearless female who is also proud to be a for most every cover puts it, a genius. have a look at zero, the magazine is one giant all-encompassing throbbing sound of self-fulfillment for women were everything from pillows to sell it on colored notebooks, but only if purchased and used
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properly are empowering and everything is possible. and why not? one of the most influential and successful media moguls is not other than oprah winfrey herself. now something is out of whack here. if you immerse yourself in the media fared in the past ten to 15 years, where you see is a rather large gap between how the vast majority of girls and women live their lives, the choices they are forced to make and what they see in what they do not see in the media. and this is a great irony for me. this is just the opposite of the gap in the 1950's and axes with images of women as what to see dancing than that from the beach or stay-at-home housewives who needed advice from mr. clean about how to wash a floor he faced the exploding number of women entering the workforce, joining the peace corps and becoming involved in politics. i can immediately show is that girls and women's aspirations were changing at all when they
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were. now, the media lucian is that equality for girls and women is an accomplished fact when it is not. then, the media were behind the curve. now ironically, their head. .girls and women made a lot of progress since the 1970's? you bet. women's college basketball to choose just one example. its existence completely unimaginable when i was in school is now nationally televised and vulgar boneheaded remarks about the players can get even a money machine like don imus fired even if only temporarily. but now were all district attorneys, where medical residents, chiefs of police or rich blonde socal area says, not so much. since the early 1990's, much of the media have come to over represent women as having made it completely in and the professions as having gained said to equality with men and
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having achieved a level of financial success and comfort enjoyed a nearly by the tiffany's encrusted doyenne of laguna beach. at the same time, there has been a resurgence of fresh upgrade clogging our cultural ark release the man show, maxim, coerced on wild, bright villas. but even this they are on the witch and says that young women should dress like strippers and have the mental capacity of a bowl was presented as empowering because while the scantily clad or bare women may have seemed to have been objectified, they were really on top because now they have chosen to be sex objects and men were supposedly nothing more than their helpless outgoing or been slaves. what they need to have been giving us than our little bit more than fantasies of power. the assurer girls and women repeatedly that women's liberation is a fait accompli and we are stronger, more
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successful, more subs sexually and control, more fearless and more held and often we actually are. we can believe that any woman can become a ceo or president that women have achieved economic professional and political parity with men and we can expand any suggestions that there might be some of us who actually have to live on the national median income for women, which in 2007 was just over $32,000 a year. yet the images we scan television, in the movies and in advertising also insist that purchasing power and said to power are much more gratifying than political or economic power. buying stuff, the right stuff, a lot of stuff, immersed as the dominant way to empower ourselves. of course women in fictional tv shows can be in the highest positions of authority, but in real life, maybe not such a good idea. instead, the wheedling subject his message to young women is
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that being decorative is the highest form of power, when of course that there was, dick cheney would've gone to work every day and a sequined tutu. so what's the matter with fantasies of female power? haven't the media was provided escapist fantasies? isn't that like their job? and aren't many in the media, however belatedly, simply addressing women's demands for more representations of female achievement in control? well, yes. but there's the odd somewhat unintended consequence under the guise of escapism and pleasure. we are getting images of imagined power that mask and even a raised how much still remains to be done for girls and women. images that make sexism seem fine, even fun and that feminism is not utterly pointless, even bad for you. and if we look at what is being
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said about girls and women in these fantasies, while we can and should do, what we can and can't be, we will see that slithering just below the shining barrage of power is the dark, sneaky servant of sexism. there has been a bit of a generational divide and how these fantasies are presented. older women and i prefer the term vintage females, like myself, have been given all these ironclad women in the 10:00 and 9:00 strip that make the lawyers, cops and district attorneys on the entire law and order franchise, the senior partner shirley schmidt on boston legal, the steely and busty or a thick scientist on the various csi is, the ubiquitous female judges, especially african-american female judges and brenda johnson who with her daycare in southern draw with your male chauvinist colleagues and to shape asap on the closer. but many of us, especially mothers, have been less thrilled
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about the fantasies offered for girls and young women. for millennial, those young women and girls born in the late 1980's emanate a 90's who are the most attractive demographic for advertisers. the fantasies and appeals have been much more commercial and not surprisingly more richer grade. while they are the girl power generation, the bill of goods they are repeatedly sold is that true power comes from shopping, having the right logos and being hot. power also comes from judging, testing and competing with other girls, especially other boys and boys i barely know. i watched these fantasies, often the opposite of the role model imagery presented to me swirl around my daughter and well, i have been abused. one moment when this book made gotten it start is when i into the living room and saw my
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daughter watching an mtv show, sorority life. here, viewers got to track the progress of college girls pledging to a sorority and to see which trades behaviors and hairdos got them in. nice, pretty, ponytails and which ones get them out like so bossy, like so phony and in a hairstyle that resembled a mullet. even though the show was allegedly about college life, no books, no newspapers, novels, debates about the exist that god or discussion of any recent classroom lectures clattered the same or trouble the dialogue. these college girls were way too shallow for any of that. my sympathetic response to my then teenage daughter on the sofa wrapped in a quilt, just trying to escape for a bit and to this drivel filled world a simple bellow. shut that off.
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now i ask you, what teenager would love to have a feminist mother standing over her shoulder while she watches television, pointing out how the show perpetrate stereotypes about girls being persisted to twit obsessed only with personal validation checks. then, warming to my past as they i passed and my daughter's obvious gratitude. i moved onto on to what i regarded as a quiet entertaining critique of the yachts outs for cover girl, victoria's secret, and to these upcoming ultimate spring break blowout. my daughter eager to convey her appreciation gave me a look that could melt a meteor. things were not much better between us when i was periodically dragged into that electronic thumping haberdashery from hell, abercrombie and fitch. talk about paralyzing your pleasure in retail.
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the firm that once sold men fishing rod and helped outfit teddy roosevelt's first afar and had a 12 story shop in midtown manhattan with alike have been on the roof, abercrombie and fitch in the early 1990's changed its focus to sell overpriced wife beaters and half area meant to the youth of america. the blown up black and white shot of muscular self-satisfied blond pretty boy's and low-slung boxer shorts may have been attracted to my daughter, but all he kept thinking hitler youth. [laughter] and statutory. the deafening boom boom dancewear music was supposed to convey that like dude, we were in a totally cool sound, but i always felt like i was trapped in godzilla's left ventricle. for the homeric excursion was mercifully over, my daughter would be in possession of various items that would turn
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her into a walking billboard for abercrombie and fitch and carrying shopping bags with sushi grade torsos that proclaimed that nothing, nothing, nothing was more important than turning your self into a sexual commodity. it kept getting worse. entire tv specials based on victoria's secret bras or those mtv pet spring break programs in which young women are routinely expected to flash their for an event studded male and baggy throughout or have whipped cream off your thighs by some guy named track in his study diesel here it all too many rap videos require clad women to shake their booties while climbing over the starting self-satisfied man. television also hurled for such media as age of love, reality show i hope you on the, which pitted kittens, feisty women in their twenties against us is my
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new favorite category of female, cougars, as founded li, son of the well preserved feisty women in their 40's. all for the affections of a 30-year-old kind of washed up tennis player none of them knew anything about. as a steed about the fantasies of power they be for my daughter and laid before me, i was of course no strike first by the generational differences in how they pitted us against each other, especially when it issues up so to display as the alleged sources of power and control. but you know what if you think about it, they just buy stuff in different ways because both approaches contribute to the false assumption that for women always been one. the notion that there might be still be an urgency to politics you've totally got to be kidding. so let's remind ourselves of a few statistics when it comes to income, women remain second-class citizens.
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as i said before in 2007 dvd content is is, but that was mml counterpart. women are still segregated into low-paying jobs. in 2007, nearly half, 42% of women were compressed to just occupational categories for the immediate income is over $27,000 a year, which is very such a live on. other top 500 companies in 2008, only 15 had a female chief executive. the closer site, only 1% of police chiefs are women. young men are four times more likely to negotiate their first salary than young women, resulting in on average $500,000 more in earnings by the age of 60. the united states ranked 69th in the world in terms of the number of women in national legislatures. only 70% of the seats and house of representatives are held by women western were wanted 66%.
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the united states ranks 29th of november talladega, 17 places lower than we did in 1960 and were now behind cuba, the czech republic and hungary and were tied with poland and from nokia. while 163 other countries on the planet offer paid, maternity leave and 45 provide paid paternity leave, the united states does not. unpaid leave if you can get that is the best we can do. the majority of poor people in the united states are women and the gap and poverty rates between men and women is wider in america than anywhere else in the western world. but all these issues and facts were in the race in the country's news media gave katie couric and diane sawyer aside, in 2006 at 235 cohosts a primetime cable news shows, 29 are white men. on a sunday morning talk shows,
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men outnumber women by four to one. hollywood is still very much run by men. we all applauded kathryn bigelow's crashing finally after 82 years of the glass ceiling, but only 9% of major film directors are female. so have a come along way since the 1990's? you that we have. the women and men should be much more indignant about the resurrection of sexist images that undermine girls and women overseas and keep it as come associate our daughters daughters in their place. and there is so much unfinished business for girls and women in the country and we should resist and indeed challenge the subject of message the full equality has been achieved in the feminist politics are passé and no longer necessary. well, what can we do? well, there's plenty to do but i think the first step is to name and like the sexism for what it is going to make fun of it, to ridicule at every turn because while only an important first
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step, humor and ridicule me maybe the most empowering weapon of all. so take a first step and if it feels good, take another. girls and women and men for that matter need to be much more indignant about sexist imagery, especially when it hides behind the shield of irony, but it's all just a joke, that women shabazz along with. challenge people when they make fun of her denounced feminism, do they really think women should be on equal and accosted a sense? do they really think we should go back to 1955? because embedded in this particular media is this kind of intimidation of women who identify with feminism, let alone embrace it will be dismissed, ridiculed and marginalized and women need to talk to this intimidation because it does work to prevent any further advances for women. we need to realize that feminism is not dead, it's not that at all. just look at all the websites. many of them by young women, feminist majority
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online or magazines. we can donate to feminist organizations. we can volunteer, we can complain and we can also praised the media outlets to as we think are praiseworthy. we can write, we can teach, we can organize. girls and women meet to get together more, become more political because while yes we've come a long way, there is plty ofnfinhed business at hand and achieving change is not only necessary, it's also fun and gratifying. thanks. [applause] now, i'm happy to take comments or questions. i've been instructed to ask you two things. if you do have a question, can you stand up and also i believe a big boom mike maybe coming your way if you have a question. on transitory comments.
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>> i have a perspective that's been developed over quite a few years and while i was very enlightened by betty kardon and really hoped that things had changed, my work career shows that they have not and even my time in volunteering for various aspects has shown that women are still being told what to do and don't worry your pretty little head over it. my concern is about media, which is very, very powerful. "the new york times" has the most audacious ads.
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i've been telling myself well you know, you're an old lady and you aren't used to a plate this. but the blatant flaunting of sexism of raw sex, which even though birth control has allowed women to enjoy sex recreationally, it's still something that is -- the woman is still left holding the bag. and i wonder, what do you think is a much younger women denying him, what what do you think about the advertisements in "new york times," which is supposed to be all the news and everything that it go. [laughter] >> in case you couldn't hear the question was about the increasing fontina sex and the way in which this kind of very
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blatant flaunting of female sexuality with women off quite scantily clad is often related to sexism and particularly the out in "the new york times" and what do i think about that. you know, this is kind of a comedy know, an unfortunate story here. ms is was doing my research for the book, a riot girl movement and this girl power moment in the mid-1990's. and one of the things that young women were saying back then if they were sick of the double standard, but still, you know, 20 years after the women's movement was still alive as well. they wanted the same set to equality as men which i regard as a completely legitimate desire for young women to have. what happened is that desire among young women got taken up by marketers and advertisers and repackaged and exploited and sold back to young women as
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moving away from an interest is said to equity to an importance of young women turning themselves into sex objects. at the same time, we did have an increasing boosting of said to standards as the 90's progressed and as the century has progressed. and so, you know, i maybe the boom feminist and i'm not supposed to say anything critical about this hydro- sexualization of if of my daughters to an aberration because it turns the allegedly into an anti-sex victim feminists. you know, my generation, without my generation that would not have been a said to generation. surpassing many of us are our anti-sex here but we are opposed to is this kind of transient object vacation of young women and you're right, you see it everywhere. you certainly see it in fashion magazines, but you see to "the
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new york times." this is very much part of the fashion industry culture and imagery, but, you know, after study shows women are much more objective fact, their bodies use much more to sell products and men and it's become so naturalized that, you know, you barely notice it anymore. i've just been such a naturalized part of the environment for young women. and the other thing that's happened is that as the 90's the 21st century progress the sexualization of young women have moved further and further down the h. chain. so, you know, again you've got the sexualization of teenagers and they were covered in fine campaigns which, how can one person unites progressive radical feminists and conservative, you know, right to this? calvin klein did that with various ad campaigns that were deemed to verge on child.
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i was buying a baby present for a friend recently and, you know, it's like there are these little pink t-shirts that say little hobby for a baby. and this has been a major concern of parents, this increased sexualization of young women. there've been quite a few books written about it and on it goes. yes? >> i'm joanna schultz. [inaudible] >> how are you? >> i'm so good and i have to tell you in retrospect your presentation was one of the best we ever had. so i'm hoping at some point you'll come back. but meanwhile come a few years ago, one of my favorite female students persuaded me to be the on-campus advisor for a sorority. and she had the bright idea because i'd gone to a women's school and had no personal exposure to a sorority that i should become inducted into the
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sorority along with 19 freshmen. so i went through this process myself and it was amazing to me that none of these freshmen women ever questioned why i was there going through those within. but because of this whole thing, i now get lots of literature from the sorority and it's hard for me to reconcile what i saw at that initiation, which is what you describe so perfectly, all the girls were dressed alike. they were almost all blonde, but almost all had blond hair. almost all in ponytails. but the literature that i get from national sorority presents a very different picture of the institution of sororities. so i'm wondering if you didn't do us any potential, if there is a role for institutions like sororities and helping promote
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the cause of feminism, real feminism. >> that's a good question. i should actually ask my daughter that question. i was a student at the university of michigan and is not in a sorority. and no, i don't know because there certainly are stereotypes about sororities and i have to say unfortunately some of them not unfounded as places where those young women who have especially internalized this kind of enlightened sexism, you know, live together. and i think it's not true of all of them and it's not true by all women in sororities, but it struck many done and sort of been bribing this he does. i don't know the answer to whether national sororities or as you say probably have a very different mission statement than what's on the ground given their
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distance from campus is probably the age of the people living in sororities versus those on the nationals and so on and so forth. that's a really interesting question. food for thought. >> is a couple things going through my mind, but i'm going to try and streamline them into a comment name, but a lot of it has to do with money. part of it which i heard for weeks ago that like to not worth a single mothers like average net worth of single mothers was somewhere around $500. it was out there in the mainstream. but i was thinking about that and then you are talking about, you know, the median income for women versus men and been lower and then i was thinking while how much of that has to do with family choices like stepping away from a job, you know, to take some time off and what impact that has been on the fact that four times as many men
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negotiate their starting salary, that kind of take that out of the equation, too. so at least for someone in my generation, i was born at the tale end of the 70's. i remember growing up in high school. there was a lot of conversation still i felt in the 90's about paying equality between men and women. and i think that at least from the media that i concede that doesn't really exist anymore in that strong of a bubble. but obviously it's still a major problem, not just for median income for single mothers who are trying to raise children, but also for families on the choices that are available for whether it be a mother whose steps away from the worker and has a great option to your father who is able to step away from work and what it can mean in that respect for the mothers i make as much as the father. and so, i am especially given
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the statistics, i'm kind of shock is still out there in the media of the equality and i'm wondering what you think we can do to raise the volume on that issue and then the other thing that's been around a thinking families and working choices in whatever there's a new series,, and i still don't know what i feel about it but i do think interesting that one of the families, a working mother and the emotions involved in that situation. >> right, thank you. you raise a variety of important issues. certainly there are penny mothers who do choose to work part-time or to step out of the work you for a while.
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some because they want to, some because there is no affordable high-quality day care remotely near where they live and it's not a choice here they don't have a choice. i mean, their choices to spend more in day care than their salaries bring in so they can work. and i've heard story after story about this and they're also very powerful statistics about this. the other thing is that women are much more likely than men to be slotted into service to and service jobs are much less responsive to the push for flextime than other kinds of jobs are. if your waitress in the out of shape persist. that sometimes you can switch or shut the something else but your chambermaid you've got to be there at whatever it is and so so forth yet and so, there are lots of constraint around women, particularly women who are in the top 20 jobs in the country, being able to juggle work and
7:45 pm
family and they have virtually no support from the government. and we have post public policies for women and families of any industrial nation in the doctrine in anybody who comes over here who's visiting from france or germany or new zealand or canada, bear lake shocked that what does not exist for families. the other thing that has been a very kind of powerful recent phenomenon in the great recession is that 75% of the job losses have been sustained by men and a lot of those jobs are heavy in the industry. we know in our own state of michigan in the audio industry, to jobs that often played relatively well and have decent health care. when those men get fired and if they are married tenderizer with you otherwise are typically making a lot less. the health care programs are there not a state or much worse and conversations and negotiations and juggling are
7:46 pm
happening all over the united dates right now is families come to terms with the women be the primary breadwinner and if she's lucky, if she's lucky she's making 77 cents to a man's dollar. that the average. that means that people like me who are comfortable professional are pulling up many women who are barely struggling to make it. and maria shriver commissioned this report this past fall about the economic second-class status of women around the country and she got a lot of publicity worry. but again it's a one-shot deal. it was discussed for a week or so and then it falls off the radar screens again. so the issues around pay inequity your rights are not discussed and there actually a very big issue for women and families. other questions? yes.
7:47 pm
[inaudible] >> i suggest that some of the reasons go back to your statement about how many women are the political process here. i'm one of the rules for politics and equal pay element i'm sure to be made by men, should we expect anything different? on absolutely grew too. i came from england by canada to america. coming with young children as pregnant when i came to canada. my company there bayer had to maneuver the rules to give me maternity leave but they did and then i had my second baby bed. and knowing what happens here, it's shocking. i believe that he timor is the only country in the world that has worst maternity benefits than the united states. >> yes, was there a question to? o. right.
7:48 pm
i think part of it is being inside washington and having the whole washington political mentality. but 20, 30 years ago i didn't think i'd see this so much, but now i do say it. it's not enough to have one and. you've got to have feminists in politics because we know that their women in politics who are very antifeminist. excuse me. and so it's important to sms and politics because of the problem again is it is very difficult for women to run for office, especially if their mothers because it's very labor in time intensive and they have to figure out how to juggle their families again with this very terrible support system. there was a self-fulfilling prophecy. i do think that just to respond in a slightly different way to what she said, if you look at workplaces that institute on-site day care centers or
7:49 pm
provide better support for childcare, one of the biggest things that will convert a male ceo to think and that's important, his daughter turns 30 or 32 and has a baby and all of a sudden it's like what? now what? this is only anecdotal evidence, but there have been very interesting and compelling and it does about that and i think one of the ways many men become feminists is a have daughters and they don't want someone saying she can't do that. your son can do it but she can't do it. any other questions? [inaudible] >> we actually do need more male feminists in politics. and when i go and speak at other college campuses, the first thing i have to do is play out
7:50 pm
with the stereotype of the feminist is. you have to lay it out right away, you know, they hate men, they hate children, that deliberately unattractive, dear harry, they think all children should be deported and drowned, you know, on and on. and as he lay about and they start to first recognize them instantly. but then they start to think wait a minute, that's ridiculous and then at the end of the talk i talk about a debunked this and say i'm a feminist. all of my female friends i feminist, pretty much all of my male friends are feminist. not only do we like men, you know, some of us marry married them and still like them and, you know, some of my closest dearest friends are men, you know, and they carry about their daughters and their wives and their prospects buys.
7:51 pm
so it's important to both debunked back and promote the important of men being on our side. okay, well thank you so much for coming. and i'm happy to sign books if anybody would like to have a book signed and thanks again for coming. [applause] some mark on >> while researching his book,
7:52 pm
"the prohibition hangover: alcohol in america from demon rum to cult cabernet," garrett peck began giving timbers tours of historic sites in washington d.c. but tv joined mr. peck to learn how the temperance movement led to prohibition in 1920 and why prohibition was repealed in 1933. >> prohibition was started actually in january 16, 1920 with once the 18th amendment was ratified. that is actually part of a century long movement to ban alcohol in this country. that movement was called the temperance movement. the dieppe behind their initially peppermints mention moderate, but by the 18 twenties when the movement decided that people had to abstain completely from alcohol. this is actually the evangelical and they believed that alcohol was simple, with god, they call that tina brown.
7:53 pm
you know, the associated alcohol with a double and therefore everybody had to stop drinking altogether. this movement lasted a century long. the idea was to clean up his abrupt american society and eventually end up with a decent middle class largely white paste protestant american society and ultimately they got their way and prohibition itself, which was the constitutional manic on the 18th amendment to ban alcohol in america and that went into effect in 1920. it only lasted less than 14 years because of extreme civil disobedience through the law of the land and a lot of violence here from organized crime. and i think extreme indifference here from the american public care. i didn't really realize what they've gotten into here by signing up for prohibition. they thought it was just something that was useful to have and then realized pretty quickly that affect the country has always been a drinking nation. so in a lot of ways the
7:54 pm
temperance movement was naïve to believe that people with and they disobey the law and not drink. >> in your book you seem to indicate that world were hung has something to do with it. the negative. this is a fascinating way about how the anti-saloon, the anti-celeb like a slightly been forgotten about. they only existed for an 18 -- they use the occasion of world war i when the united states declared war on germany in 1970, the largest ethnic group in the country at that time were germans and guess who also were the brewers? adjournments, ray. so data, we had a whole ethnic group whose rights were just basically pushed aside and suddenly there was this huge anti-german hysteria in the country and drinking beer, which is what most americans drink at that point so they looked really, really unpatriotic or is it a assault that point then propose the 18th amendment and a sail through congress. people thought we needed this year for the war and had someone
7:55 pm
not in the states without about people really even thinking about it there much. tigress photo not very, very quickly and all but two of the states ratified the 18th amendment, the states are rhode island and connecticut, both states have very heavy catholic population who therefore relies prohibition was really targeted at them because the temperance movement had a very strong nativist providence sentiment behind it. >> are next up year is the striking brick church, calvary baptist church. >> the church itself was designed by adolph coles started in the period of the civil war all the way to the late 1880's. he was a german immigrants and he was known as the red architect. he was both for the red polygram he used on the church overrated is and all of his buildings for that bright red. it is probably his best-known building in d.c. the other reason he was known as the red architect because he was good terms with carl marx, the guy who wrote the manifesto.
7:56 pm
he was hired in 1866 to build this church brothers a church else here four years ago and turned before the civil war and the church then hired and two of this new church. and this is a very, very edge of town and now it's almost right downtown washington d.c. this is in chinatown. we are here at calvary baptist church because they really important events that happen in the temperance movement and that happened in 1895. and i was at the anti-saloon league had its first national convention here in this building. anti-celeb lake was only one to two years earlier by a congregational minister known as howard russell out of ohio. and he recruited a college senior named wayne wheeler. wheeler became the asl's general counsel and he was elected call him the karl rove of this day. he's the guy who invented pressure politics, so how the asl was going to squeeze these politicians to force them to go
7:57 pm
try it as opposed to voting rights. they measure this building in 1895 and began to craft a national strategy about the asl was going to turn the country dry. one of the things they decided they were going to do was to go after the states first. and by that they got their states to allow local option was. i must admit then that the church allies of asl and these were evangelical protestant could use their political influence and force the counties to go dry. and hence you see that especially across the deep south still to this day and in parts of the midwest you still see a lot of dry counties because of the strong emphasis strong influence i should say of the southern that this convention. once in a state that voted to put some kind of dry law in place, that would then force the congressman from that date to go dry, even if they were wed in their personal lives, senators and congressmen were about to go
7:58 pm
dry. so 1915 the majority of the states at some kind of prohibition already on the books. prohibition in 1970 before we even got an world war i the city was already sensibly die. never actually was. but legally it was dry. so the idea of should we change the constitution to ban all culliton seems so far-fetched that the majority states were dry or had some sort of dry law and therefore seem to be the will of the country that we should dry up the country entirely. again, the asl is used the occasion of world war i, once the germans and the germans who were the biggest ethnic minority in the country and also the brewers were pushed aside that led down the 18th asl to propose the 18th amendment. some of the interesting things here about the temperance movement itself, it was really an evangelical white protestants movements. this is a faith this initiative
7:59 pm
to get the country to dry up. and this was a part of attending the american history from the 1890's to the 1920's on as the progressive era that society can be reformed. and actually a lot of good stuff command of this era. women got to go. we got our food love, we got income tax -- well i don't offset the good thing or not. we'll have to decide on their own. but forget we also got prohibition and that backfired when the sake of the temperance movement itself. but this is nearly three decade long. with that we can actually have a socially pure society. this is for the benefit of all americans here to clean things up. at the same time of course because it was so protestant led, really violated a lot of rights of ethnic minorities to remember starting with the irish and the 1840's there was this great wave of catholic who came into this country has adjournments were catholic and 90 by the italians coming here and huge wave o f


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